Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful thursday

Already it's thursday and I'm reflecting on how good life is. I think of these things more often than just thursdays but today it's a reminder to put my thoughts into words

Today, I am especially thankful for my friend Judi. She is such a great person to be around and wonderful support for whatever ails me. She's creative and our personalities match well. Even though she doesn't knit I still love being around her (!). We learned how to do stained glass together, and now she's starting on applique quilting, which she will be helping me to learn. Good stuff

I'm also grateful that when I helped a friend move yesterday that the things he strapped to the roof of the truck didn't hit any other cars when they came flying off. Minor damage to his belongings (the mirror didn't make it though) and a little scuffing of the truck. Not bad.

As always I'm grateful to my family, especially my honey. He's always there for me.

Here are a couple of pictures of my instant happiness things. I can't stay sad when I'm around these two. Aren't they yummy?!



  1. Hi Pendie- What a terrific blog you have, and such wonderful kitties.

    I'll be a regular reader from now on.

  2. Pendie I can't reply to your kind comment on my blog so I thought I'd leave a note here of thanks for dropping by and taking the time to acknowledge my little thoughts!

  3. Love your happy post! And I shall follow your blog too!

  4. Your cats are SO CUTE! I want one!
    Also, you have a great blog :)