Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Forward

2010 promises to be a good year. I'm looking forward to moving ahead with the new year and seeing what I can accomplish. 2009 was a bit tumultuous in that I lost my job, but in many ways it was a blessing. Working in a negative environment is very hard on oneself,  and while I wouldn't have asked to be laid off in this economy, it does have its positive outcomes.
Things are looking up: this year my hubby and I will have been married 30 years!! Believe me,  the time goes fast.    

 I'm  also on my way to an improved weight and health, which is a great feeling. Being laid off means I have lots of time to go to the gym; no excuses for me.

 I'm also continuing to home my knitting skills and challenging myself to more complicated projects: sweaters, stranded colorwork, maybe even figuring out what the brioche stitch is that everyone is talking about.

As everyone looks forward to the new year, I'll also be remembering the past I visited while in Virginia this past summer. Looking at Civil War battlefields and monuments was a good reminder of how little people survived on and how passionate they were  for what they believed in. Whatever side they were on, they were dedicated to fighting for the life and world they wanted. My life, in comparison, is full of little luxuries they never experienced nor dreamed of. I am likely never to have to live with as little or lose as much as those families did, so it keeps things in perspective for me. Things are good.


                                                          GO DUCKS!!!!!


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