Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lots o' socks

I'm on a crazy sock knitting craze, but only for knitting one sock of a pair. I have 2 socks completed, each of a different pattern and yarn, and 2 half finished socks, again in different pattern and yarn:

The sock on the left is Cat Bordhi's
Lemon Leaves and the sock on the
right is Cookie A's Wanida

The sock on the left is Embellishing Hilda socks by Heli
Heikkila, the one on the right is
Wearin' O the Green by The Twisted Hare

I'm having fun trying new patterns and not getting bored by knitting the second sock. Once I finish the Hilda sock, I'll at least finish the green socks as they are due by the end of the month. The others I'll finish along with making other socks. I'm trying to use up some of my ever-growing stash but I keep sneaking a look at Etsy and finding something new and gorgeous to buy.

Speaking of gorgeous, our friends gave us this beauty the other day.

Why would I be so excited to get a vacumn cleaner and an old one at that? I destroy vacumns, or at least wear them out much quicker than they should and I'm tired of having to buy a new vacumn every year. Even the more expensive one we bought last year just bit the dust. Our friends promise us there's no way I can break this one. We'll see!