Friday, February 19, 2010

Sarah's Gloves

I finished a pair of fingerless gloves for my hairdresser, Sarah. She is the one of the kindest, most pampering hairdresser I've ever encountered. She serves me tea, heats up a backwarmer for me while she's coloring my hair, reheats it while I'm under the dryer, makes sure there are plenty of good magazines at hand,  even gives a hand massage while my hair is processing over the sink. It just doesn't get any better! Anyone ever seen Tabatha's Salon Takeover ? She finds the nastiest salons out there. Every time I watch her show I'm reminded how lucky I am to know Sarah.
Here are her gloves, a small token of my appreciation. The color really is a dark pink, and so reminds me of Sarah's flashy nail color!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My two little valentines

Here are my favorite valentines: 

I could post a picture of my hubby but he's kinda in the doghouse right now so I'll show my kitties, who never fall out of favor! I have two grown kids but they have their own honeys to give them valentine-y goodness so I can't really claim them anymore. How am I going to celebrate with my valentines? Give them lots of kisses, of course. If I'm really good they may give me some back!

Happy Valentines day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perfect weekend

Well, maybe not perfect but pretty darn close. Our friends invited us down to the beach for the weekend. We stayed in a really nice house that is right on the ocean. This is what the view is like from the back porch:

Yes, those are real blue skies, a real rarity on the Oregon Coast. Sunday was a beautiful sunny, windless day. We walked the beach, watched the Super Bowl, and had a fire in the back yard. Can't beat that!

I had lots of time to knit, which was heaven. I made a hat but the yarn wasn't right for it so I frogged it. I also finished my Peaks Island Hood scarf; I still need buttons but that's the easy part:

Next I want to make a valentine's present for my hairdresser, who's the best of all. I need to find my #2 needles to get the right gauge but they're nowhere to be found. I'll have to buy yet another pair, I guess:

The yarn is really more pinky-red than the picture and will look great as sweetheart glovelets. So I anticipate I will be heading to the yarn store tomorrow to get the needles to get this started.

Finally, a picture of my hubby and I on the beach. I'm wearing a hat I just made Plymouth Boku yarn.

The perspective is a little off because my hubby is holding the camera. Have a great weekend!

ps. I was able to mend the shawl without too much trouble.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disaster strikes

So, I've been working diligently on my niece's shawl, which was supposed to be a christmas present. Finally I got it done last night and started the blocking process. Here is is drying:

So, then I get up this morning and look at the shawl and find this:

See that slightly larger hole? It's not supposed to be there. Hmmmm, how did that happen. Surely I would have noticed it last night, right?

Could this be the problem?

My cats have sat on my knitting before while it's drying, even lace things, with no ill consequences. So, the mystery remains. In any event, that's several rows back on the shawl and I will see if I can mend it so it won't show. Lace and I have a strained relationship at the best and I'm glad to be done!

Shawl Pattern: Luna Moth Shawl  (free in ravelry)
Yarn: Frog Tree Sport

p.s. What did I do to punish the probably culprit? I gave him lots of kisses and scratches; that'll teach him.