Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perfect weekend

Well, maybe not perfect but pretty darn close. Our friends invited us down to the beach for the weekend. We stayed in a really nice house that is right on the ocean. This is what the view is like from the back porch:

Yes, those are real blue skies, a real rarity on the Oregon Coast. Sunday was a beautiful sunny, windless day. We walked the beach, watched the Super Bowl, and had a fire in the back yard. Can't beat that!

I had lots of time to knit, which was heaven. I made a hat but the yarn wasn't right for it so I frogged it. I also finished my Peaks Island Hood scarf; I still need buttons but that's the easy part:

Next I want to make a valentine's present for my hairdresser, who's the best of all. I need to find my #2 needles to get the right gauge but they're nowhere to be found. I'll have to buy yet another pair, I guess:

The yarn is really more pinky-red than the picture and will look great as sweetheart glovelets. So I anticipate I will be heading to the yarn store tomorrow to get the needles to get this started.

Finally, a picture of my hubby and I on the beach. I'm wearing a hat I just made Plymouth Boku yarn.

The perspective is a little off because my hubby is holding the camera. Have a great weekend!

ps. I was able to mend the shawl without too much trouble.


  1. Beautiful view and you two look great together!
    Glad to hear the shawl was okay!

  2. From my perspective here is bitterly cold Toronto that trip to the beach looks positively tropical! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I've almost finished knitting Peaks Island Hood for my mum - mine is in a 'undyed' shade of brown. Love the colour of yours.