Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seen Astoria lately?

Hubby and I joined another couple for a weekend trip to Astoria; haven't been there in years. It's still gray most of the time and it has it's influx of tourists along the main drag but it also has some new places to explore. The views of the city and river are still the same, gorgeous in their own right:

Lots of old buildings lining the river's edge, with some picturesque ships in the water behind. There's a wonderful sunday market downtown, with fresh fruits and veggies along handmade crafts and other things to look at.

Vodoo Lounge is a great little place to hang out and have delicious pizza and check out the neat displays all around the room. It has a lot of little mexican figurines often displayed during Day of the Dead. It's a fun place to visit.
Vodoo Lounge

If you're hungry for a great breakfast or lunch, pop on over next door to the Columbia cafe. Prepare to wait in line a bit as it's a tiny little place and very popular. Scrumptious breakfast and drinks.
Columbia Cafe      

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yes, I finally took some spinning lessons, 4 to be exact, and was spinning away to my heart's content the first night. I'm not saying I did anything worth bragging about, but never the less here is my first officially spun yarn:

It's the kind of thing only a mother could love, but I will keep it for posterity. Below is what I was spinning after another lesson and a lot of practice:

Still not perfect but I'm happy with it.