Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disaster strikes

So, I've been working diligently on my niece's shawl, which was supposed to be a christmas present. Finally I got it done last night and started the blocking process. Here is is drying:

So, then I get up this morning and look at the shawl and find this:

See that slightly larger hole? It's not supposed to be there. Hmmmm, how did that happen. Surely I would have noticed it last night, right?

Could this be the problem?

My cats have sat on my knitting before while it's drying, even lace things, with no ill consequences. So, the mystery remains. In any event, that's several rows back on the shawl and I will see if I can mend it so it won't show. Lace and I have a strained relationship at the best and I'm glad to be done!

Shawl Pattern: Luna Moth Shawl  (free in ravelry)
Yarn: Frog Tree Sport

p.s. What did I do to punish the probably culprit? I gave him lots of kisses and scratches; that'll teach him.


  1. It looks to me like he's helping... he covering up that unsightly hole. Hope it fixes up okay

  2. Corporal cuddling! The very best punishment for these offences. That will teach him!

  3. I've been thinking about making that same shawl but must admit I'm pretty scared to.

    Sorry about the cats' rampage on yours... can you fix it?

  4. Ouch! That's painful to see on a finished (and blocked!) shawl. I hope it wasn't too difficult to fix!

  5. After all that work! Silly kitteh! The shawl still looks beautiful! Definitely worth mending. I may just knit one up myself :)

  6. beautiful shawl! perhaps a kittie's nail got caught on it?

    i have a girlfriend that puts a sheet ontop of the things she blocks since her cats like to sit on the knitting too.

    don't know if that would work for you (ie: maybe the kitties would like to get between the sheet and knitting).