Sunday, May 23, 2010

several days in Heaven

Hubby and I just got back from a few days in a town near John Day, located in the high (?) desert of Oregon. The place we stayed at had million dollar views out every window and scenery that went on forever.

Most of my friends wouldn't be able to call this beautiful, instead enjoying less dry climates like the beach. I'd take this view over the beach any day, even a Florida beach! The smell of juniper is breathtaking, and the colors change constantly.
We hiked, cooked, played Tile Rummy, knit and took lots and lots of pictures. The sock I'm working on was attacked by this munchkin:

but fortunately, he just chewed the yarn from the sock, so all I have to do is re-attach it. How could anyone be mad at this gorgeous face?!
Even though the altitude was only 2000+ ft, it felt like the Himalayas to me as we're at sea level at home, so we were huffin' and a puffin' when walking around. Give me a month in a place like that and I'd be so much healthier!


  1. It's a lovely view.

    I could never be angry with that face.