Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Happenings

I finally busted out my gift card to the local yarn store yesterday and splurged on several skeins of yarn. I had ignored it since Christmas but couldn't wait any longer. I actually was trying to save it to take a spinning class, but since I have to be careful about spending these days I didn't want to start something new and then want to get a spinning wheel. I'm working on the Envelope purse so got some wonderful pink/purple Noro yarn to finish it up. Can't wait to felt it and see how it comes out. 
I spent the day in Corvallis visiting my dad and helping him get some chores done. It was a nice sunny day and it felt good to help him catch up on stuff again. Melvin went down with me and I much enjoyed spending time with him again, even though he was asleep a good part of the day (having got in at about 5:00am this morning, he didn't get much sleep before we left for Corvallis). Never the less it was good to see him again. I'm grateful he still is willing to spend time with his ol' mom. 

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