Monday, July 4, 2011

Spinning and a birthday boy

I'm participating in the Tour de Fleece over on Ravelry to motivate myself to do more spinning. Here's my first day results (not much, I know, but I'm still building my endurance)
I'm spinning some lovely shetland roving from the most generous animal named Bristol who lives at  Foothill Fiber Farms. It's a nice off-white and gray/back mix, which I might ply with some lighter colored rambouillet. I bought 8 oz so we will see how much I end up with. I've never bought more than 4 oz of any one color and I want more to make something or part of something I can wear. Bristol would appreciate that, wouldn't she?!
As if it weren't enough that today if 4th of July, my little baby Eli is turning one today:

 Yes, he's a little annoyed because I'm wasting time taking his picture instead of plopping another scoop of cat food on his plate. He's refusing to look at me! I love him anyway


  1. Happy birthday baby kitty!
    Good luck with your spinning - watching all you tour de fleecers is really making me want to develop a new hobby!

  2. Omg, your cat looks JUST LIKE mine! Hahah looks like you don't need any fruit from my catnip tree. Lol