Sunday, May 1, 2011

I really did it!

I can't believe I actually finished a sweater, for me, and it fits! I used Barbara Walker's Top Down Sweaters book and took measurements as I went along. My next challenge will be a cardigan, style it after a pattern I have that is knit in pieces. I love this book as the sweater is knit all in one piece: no seams!!

I've been trying to use up stash but most of my yarn is enough fingering for socks, so I may have to break down and get some more yarn. I'm tired of making socks and since I had success with this sweater I'm excited to start another one.

Have I mentioned I like orchids? I went to an orchid society meeting with some friends a few months ago and fell in love with all the gorgeous orchids there. They have a silent auction so it's easy to pick up some plants pretty cheaply. This last meeting I scored 7 plants for a total of $20! A member is moving and was wanting to weed her collection out so I paid $6 for 5 of her plants.

It's easy to become an addict and want just a few more. They are fairly easy to take care of (meaning I haven't killed any yet in the 3 months I got my first one).


  1. Oh can I relate. I got an orchid a few weeks ago and any time I am at a store that carries them I am looking at them ... I want to collect them all. I had no idea there would groups for hobbyists ... maybe I should see if there's one local to me! Lovely sweater, glad it fits well, good job!!

  2. The orchids are gorgeous! My cats eat all my plants (well it's really all Rocky)
    Nothing better than a sweater that fits!