Friday, April 1, 2011

Look what I got!

I went to my favorite local knitting store and whined about my circular needles. Cindy at Urban Fiber Arts whipped out some hiya hiya interchangeables and I'm in love! They screw together so smoothly and have a great little carrying case. Lucky me!

I've picked up knitting again after giving it a few month's rest. I've been trying to decide how to knit up this delicious Socks That Rock Sassafrass yarn and found the pattern Spring Forward. I love this pattern even more now than I'm knitting on it-it's wonderfully stretchy and fits the yarn well, I think:

I just love it!

Here's a photo that cracks me up: it's Eli a few months older now and still a big nut!

I think his papa was a jackrabbit!


  1. Eli is HILARIOUS!
    Love the needle case!

  2. Eli! What a gorgeous guy!

    Congrats on starting to knit again, too. Cats and knitting=bliss.